Retail Security

There can be few places where security is more necessary, yet potentially intrusive, than in a shop.

Retail therapy, as the name suggests, should be a pleasure. Shopping is the new leisure activity and shoppers want to feel relaxed and happy, either with friends or family, including children.

But shoplifting is a chronic problem, eating into shop profits and threatening businesses. Security is vital. It must be effective, but also understated.

We understand this dilemma at Blackstar and ensure our security guards add to the shopper’s experience. They learn the store layout to provide directions to customers and dress appropriately for the brand and style of the shop.

But they also have an expert eye for shoplifting and pickpockets, monitoring shoppers on the ground and through CCTV in larger stores and supermarkets. And they know the correct legal procedure when apprehending a potential shoplifter.

For retail security that will protect both your customers and your profits, you need Blackstar.