Bars & Clubs

Door staff are a familiar sight outside Manchester’s bars and clubs – but there’s a right way, and a wrong way, to provide the necessary security.

At Blackstar we believe that the treatment given to arriving guests can affect their mood as they enter a club or bar. If they are greeted warmly and politely, it sets a happy tone. Disinterested, cold or aggressive behaviour from door supervisors unfortunately can have the opposite effect.

So our door men meet and greet with a genuine smile, while all the time monitoring new arrivals for drunkeness, rowdiness or simply violations of the club’s dress code.

Inside, we constantly check the crowd and its mood, communicating with each other by radio. Managing the space is important so large groups of men, for example, are offered tables to sit around to avoid crowding at the bar. Our aim is to pre-empt potential confrontation but, if it does arrive, stop it calmly and firmly. Any abuse of bar staff is also identified and dealt with immediately which in turn makes them more relaxed with customers.

As part of our service Blackstar also conducts a fully accredited risk assessment of your venue, prior to providing security. Our door supervisors, who are first aid trained, are then provided with an induction on site to ensure they are familiar with the essential emergency evacuation procedures at your venue.