Manned Guarding

At Blackstar Security, we offer unparalleled manned guarding services to keep your premises safe and secure. Our team of seasoned, SIA licensed security personnel operates round-the-clock, providing steadfast vigilance for your peace of mind. We understand that every business has unique security requirements. To accommodate these needs, we provide a tailored security solution, designed around your specific circumstances and threat profile.

Our manned guards are rigorously trained to swiftly identify and effectively manage potential threats. They proficiently handle a wide array of duties from access control, conducting security patrols, CCTV monitoring to rapid emergency response and efficient site lockdown procedures, showcasing their versatility and competence in maintaining your security.

We are proud of the strong, trusting relationships we’ve cultivated with our clients. This trust stems from our unwavering dedication to their security, the professionalism of our team, and our thorough, consistent approach to ensuring their premises remain secure. Moreover, our security guards understand the importance of maintaining a discreet, non-intrusive presence, ensuring your business operations proceed smoothly without disruption.

Blackstar Security is committed to providing you with top-tier manned guarding services, creating a secure environment for your business to thrive. We also provide comprehensive security solutions like Door Supervision and Residential Concierge Services, ensuring your business is protected on all fronts.

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