About Us

Henry Badoo is the founder of Blackstar Security.

He has extensive experience of both the hospitality and security industries and has provided security staff for pop festivals, fashion shops, exclusive bars and a wide range of commercial operations including construction sites and airports.

He’s observed the security sector close up and knows how it can be done, and how it should be done.

Henry started Blackstar because he believes security should be provided as a personal service to clients and, in turn, their customers.

He realised that 99% of customers entering premises were not intent on trouble, yet they were often treated with suspicion by door staff, or at best a sullen silence, rather than a warm smile.

For Henry, security staff should enhance the customer experience, not oppress it, while retaining a very real but understated capacity to defuse problems immediately, should they arise.

And his clients agree, judging from the accounts Blackstar hold.

Blackstar Security. Peace of mind – for every place and occasion.